Saturday, October 24, 2015

The ten best reasons for joining a fraternity

The Greek social calendar is always full. Being part of a Fraternity gives you the chance to take part in great events and even plan new ones.

School Spirit.
Most Greek societies owe their existence to the respective university to which they belong. As such, you will rarely find a group with more school spirit than a campus Fraternity.

Scholastic Achievement.
Fraternities can teach the skills necessary to succeed in University through study groups and various other support mechanisms.

Learning opportunities are abound in the administration of a Fraternity. Though you may be part of a longstanding tradition, it is you who will take that tradition into the future.

All Greek societies give back to their communities in their own way. The fun part is dreaming up original ways to fundraise and get involved.

Many Fraternities have longstanding and proud traditions spanning decades (even centuries!). Fraternity Brotherhood means belonging to something much larger than yourself.

Lifetime Membership.
Friends come and go. Cliques rarely stand the test of time. A Fraternity can be a continuing source of friendship and guidance long after your University career is over.

Lifetime membership insures that there is a large pool of alumni with whom many real world contacts can be made. These contacts can prove quite useful when the university days are over.

Most Greek organizations have traditions or secrets that are not shared with the general public. This is often the most personal and loyal part of life in a Fraternity.

The one element that no other scholastic organization can give you. The feelings of togetherness and support cannot be easily described. They must be discovered for yourself!